SteemX is focused on converting STEEM and SBD to Fiat in the shortest time possible hence we built an infrastructure with the help of third party exchanges and gateways that we rely on to deliver our service efficiently. These third-party gateways have their charges which have been subsidized to the bearest minimum to ensure that users get the best value for every transaction.

Conversion Charges

SteemX aggregates all gateway charges which makes up the conversion charges. These charges are flat. Hence is not variable based on the type of digital currency, your Location, Size of transaction and Time of transaction.

  • SteemX service charge 1.8%

  • Gateway Charges 5%, This charge is an aggregate of all third party gateway charges

Some of the notable gateways includes

  • Blocktrades
  • Local exchanges
  • Local Banks

Withdrawal Charges

SteemX has various payment methods via which users can withdraw their Fiat. Below is a list of supported payment methods

  • PayPal
  • SquareCash
  • Zelle Pay

Users can currently make withdrawals using PayPal as there only prefered payment method.

  • Withdrawal charges = free

Withdrawals to PayPal and any other payment method is free. This means that SteemX sends exactly the amount withdrawn to your account without any charges. For example, if a user withdraws 1000 USD from SteemX wallet, 1000 USD will be sent to the persons PayPal account. Furthermore, users should be aware that Paypal and other payment methods supported by SteemX might have receiving charges.